17 Ex Texts That Might As Well Be Made Of Ice

Next time, just put the phone down and walk away.



Ex_Texts is an Instagram account started in late September that has already amassed 84,000 followers. Part of the brilliance of Ex_Texts is the curator's razor-sharp comments attached to each of the carefully chosen texts: they're always on point.

We're happy to present some of the finest texts from the account with the kind permission of the curator. Enjoy. 

1. "Just one guy" isn't really going to cut it.

2. How many...oh.

3. The emoticons: that's what makes it scary-crazy.

4. At least she's still got you in her phone by your pet name.

5. "Barely."

6. Freedom isn't free, dude.

7. Tea and (no) sympathy.

8. "Jesus take the wheel."

9. Sweet dreams...

10. You did kind of walk into that one.

11. He's probably going to hear that a lot.

12. He's DEFINITELY heard this a lot.

13. "This is how you end up single."

14. That had to sting.

15. Not exactly a role model, but I suppose he's got a point.

16. Better come up with that salmon before the 34th.

17. Do you get it NOW?

For even more hilarious ex texts or to submit your own, check out Ex Texts on Instagram. Many thanks to Ex_Texts for allowing us to showcase these.

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