Here Are The 17 Best Places To Travel In 2017 To Get Your Wanderlust On

Where will you go?


Whether you're ready to go or planning ahead, there are plenty of beautiful travel destinations awaiting your arrival in 2017.

To help you decide exactly where to go first, Condé Nast Traveler rounded up 17 "editor-endorsed destinations" they think are the best to hit this year, from Uraguay, Zimbabwe, Tokyo, Athens, and beyond. 

Check out which locations made the list below or in the full video above. 

1. Uruguay

2. Chilean Patagonia

3. Buenos Aires

4. Rwanda

5. Zimbabwe

6. Tokyo & Kyoto

7. New Zealand

8. Jerusalem

9. Croatia's Coast

10. Portugal

11. Scandinavian Countryside

12. Scotland

13. Athens

14. Bermuda

15. Cuba

16. American Midwest

17. Canada


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