17 Of Our Favorite Love Stories In 2017

There was a whole lot to love this year, so we've rounded up our favorites.

From the first time asking out a crush, to a 47th wedding anniversary, A Plus has seen some amazing love stories in 2017. Each story shows the wide breadth of what love can mean to a person and how powerful it can be at any stage โ€” even if that love is for yourself and being single. 

While most of these stories may center on romantic love, they often transcend the actual relationship to impact family, friends, and in one case, students in need. 


That's a whole lot to love if you ask me, A Plus's resident relationship advice columnist, Love, Lindsay

If you couldn't tell from my A Plus alter ego name, there's nothing I love more than love. Seriously, this intro is making me feel all warm and fuzzy already. So let's get to the good stuff already. 

Here are the 17 love stories we loved the most in 2017:


College student Jake Moreno asked his classmate for a piece of gum every day for an entire semester. On the last day, however, when he asked her for gum, she gave him a whole pack... and her phone number. With one digit written on each piece of gum (and smaller numbers at the bottom to explain the order), it was "the smoothest thing" he'd ever seen. We'd have to agree, and give her an A+ on creativity. 


On Kalin and Matt Haley's wedding day, their photographer Ashley Abel had the genius idea to take the ultimate couples photo โ€” with both of their in-laws. With the new Mr. and Mrs. Haley in the middle, and their parents dip-kissing on either side of them, the picture packs three times the love of any ole wedding photoshoot. "I wanted to do something different," Ashley Abel told A Plus. "The bride's parents and the groom's parents were so cute with each other, and you could tell they are both still really in love." After decades together, it's pretty plain to see why! 


This couple proves that love can go the distance โ€” and make a pretty awesome original music video, too. After singer-songwriter Grace Baldridge wrote the original song, "Don't Grow Up Too Fast," for her girlfriend Elizabeth "Lizzie" Capel, she decided to incorporate it into a surprise proposal during the couple's road trip from Los Angeles, California to Anchorage, Alaska. All the while, Baldrige filmed every twist and turn of their journey together and edited it all together into a magical music video wife and wife can watch together forever.


Annik Spencer was diagnosed with breast cancer on her and her boyfriend Danny's six month anniversary. Though they'd only been dating for a short time, Danny quickly became a huge part of her recovery. He stuck by her through countless doctor appointments, a double mastectomy, and multiple rounds of chemotherapy. "For the next six months, he was my rock," she wrote on The Way We Met. "While everyone else was walking on eggshells around me, he continued to treat me exactly the same ..." Now, every year on the anniversary of her diagnosis, the couple takes off work and spends the day together, celebrating their lives and love.


Courtesy of Rickee Stewart

While I love to celebrate stories of romantic love, I love it just as much (maybe even more) when romantic love becomes an unexpected catalyst for couples to express their love for others โ€” especially those in need. High school teacher Rickee Stewart used her wedding registry to do just that, asking her guests to supply backpacks, sneakers, and winter coats to her homeless students."We are incredibly touched by the outpouring of kindness, " Stewart told A Plus. "โ€ฆIt's truly the most life-affirming project I've ever been involved in." 


Two years ago, Tim and Kylie Healy's wedding photoshoot was rained out. This year, however, they gave themselves the ultimate redo โ€” 2,300 feet in the air. The couple and their photographer took to the top of a spectacular cliff called the Trolltunga above Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Norway. The final product? Nothing short of breathtaking. Their pictures are #goals if I do say so myself (and I do). 


After the Houston Astros won the 2017 World Series, a reporter asked player Carlos Correa, "You've dreamed of this your whole life. This feeling. Is it everything you thought it would be?" He not only had the best answer, but a question of his own for his girlfriend Daniella Rodriguez."It's everything and more ... It's one of the biggest steps of my life, one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. And right now, I'm about to take another big step in my life," he said. "You make the happiest man in the world. Will you marry me?" Of course, she said yes! 


"I never dreamed of my wedding ... only dreamed of my 50th wedding anniversary." That's what photographer Amber Robinson's parents always told her, and that's the enduring love they showed each other in a recent photo shoot celebrating their 47 (close to 50!) years together. "They are the epitome of where I strive to be in my own marriage, and a constant reminder that a wedding is only a day, but a marriage is forever," Robinson wrote in a Facebook post accompanying the pictures. I couldn't agree more. 


While the wedding day shouldn't be the best day of a marriage, it can be the most meaningful for couples who haven't always had the legal right to that day. This year was great for marriage equality, with more countries allowing same-sex couples to wed than ever before. England, which legalized gay marriage in 2013, saw one of its first same-sex Muslim marriages between Jahed Choudhury and Sean Rogan in June 2017. "We're going to show the whole world that you can be gay and Muslim," the couple said. 


Australian couple Alex Lackovic and Kelly Lynn Norman always joked they were "virtually" engaged, so what better way for Lackovic to propose than through virtual reality? He recreated Norman's happy place โ€” her grandma's house in South Africa โ€” as the perfect backdrop for his proposal. "Every time she thinks of her happiest times, she thinks of the time she spent out there with her friends and her family, and a simpler and fun time to be alive back when she was a kid," Lackovic said in a video of the proposal. She said 'Yes' IRL, adding one more happy memory to her happy place.


Artists and romantic partners Fleur Pierets and Julian P. Boom are getting married. But they're not just doing it once, they're doing it 24 times in 24 countries. It's all part of the duo's performance art piece "22," recognizing all the countries that have legalized gay marriage. "We think it's very important that people know there are only 24 countries out of the 194," Pierets said. "But instead of complaining about the whole thing, we just want to celebrate the countries that do legalize itโ€ฆ" 


Though Shelley and Chris Holland's wedding plans were derailed due to Hurricane Harvey, the couple didn't let the natural disaster rain on their parade. Though the church they planned for their ceremony flood and their pastor  Jorge Cardenas' home was "completely destroyed," he and the wedding coordinator Evelin found the couple a new chapel and helped them re-plan the ceremony in just 24 hours. "They were a tremendous blessing and even came to check on us on the day of the wedding," Shelley wrote on Facebook. The couple made the best of the worst circumstances by even taking wedding photos outside, standing in the hurricane's aftermath. 


In a year when the U.S.-Mexico border wall has become an international topic of controversy, one couple has made the global statement that "love has no borders." For one hour this past November, the wall at the Border Field State Park in San Diego, the "only federally designated binational meeting place along the border between the U.S. and Mexico" opened up, allowing Evelia Reyes, a Mexican woman, to wed Brian Houston, an American from San Diego. Family, friends and border patrol agents looked on at the newlyweds who are now working with an immigration attorney to help Reyes legally come to the United States.


Not only does love know no borders, but it comes in all shapes and sizes as engaged couple Stephanie W. and Arryn B. of Overton, Texas showed us this year. The couple made headlines after their body-positive boudoir engagement photo shoot went viral, inspiring thousands of people to love themselves โ€” as well as one another. "... Arryn and I have gotten a lot of support from people โ€” women and men, alike," Stephanie told A Plus. "I never expected the pictures to reach so many or give others the inspiration that it has. It's been quite a journey." And it's just the beginning for this soon-to-be-wed couple. 


Brielle being walked down the aisle by her dad's best friend Steve. Courtesy of Taylor Siering

Brielle Saracini and Sean McGuire met in seventh grade at Camp Better Days, a sleepaway summer camp for children who experienced significant personal losses on September 11. Both Saracini and McGuire lost their fathers that day, but almost 16 years later, they celebrated the one good thing that came out of it: love. On September 9, 2017, the couple married in a beautiful ceremony that certainly would've made their fathers proud. "We were brought together by this tragedy, but we are definitely not defined by it," McGuire told A Plus.


Sometimes the greatest show of romantic love is finding an unexpected way to honor familial love, as bride Becky Turney discovered this year. After losing her 19-year-old son, Triston Green in 2015, her groom, Kelly Turney, came up with a creative way he could attend their wedding in spirit. Without telling his bride-to-be, he invited the man who received Green's donated heart, Jacob Kilby, to their Alaskan wedding to serve as an honorary groomsman. Kilby even brought a stethoscope so Turney could listen to Green's heart. Not only was it the surprise of a lifetime, but Turney called the experience "the ultimate wedding gift."


This year, we've seen love break boundaries, overcome borders, and even defy death. These stories remind us that, in the toughest of times, love truly does have the power to conquer all. That said, sometimes the best parts of love are the small, silly moments when you're single. Though we're quick to forget them when we finally meet "The One," those experiences are what help us become the person our person eventually falls in love with. Perhaps no love story of 2017 is a better reminder of that than the college students who kept a running joke on Tinder for three years before finally meeting in person. They prove that love is weird and wacky and wonderful and, hey, that's why we love it. 


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