15 Clever Signs That Look Normal Until You've Seen Them Twice

Wait, what?

Sometimes you see a sign and wish you could have been there when it was designed, written or otherwise conceived. Whether it's a great joke, a funny diagram or something that just makes zero sense, weird signs are all over the place. Thanks to Imgur and Reddit, we get access to ones outside our usual bubbles.

Here are 15 of these signs that require a second (or third) look to see what's really happening:


1. Poor maintenance staff.

2. All unauthorized people wear bell bottoms.

3. Flavor seems irrelevant here.

4. Classic Todd.

5. Nice one.

6. Just in case you don't know how this works.

7. Interesting translation of "chilled beer."

8. Good advice indeed.

9. Thanks for the extra half.

10. You might have to zoom in on this one.

11. Probably best just to go in here.

12. Credit the church comedian.

13. Bring your résumé.

14. Susan should probably get that checked out.

15. Beware.


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