15 Feminist Tattoos That Will Give You A Boost Of Hell Yeah

"Sushi rolls, not gender roles"

Fighting for equality and rights is always an uphill battle. Sometimes, you just have to make the message loud and clear.


What better way to take a powerful stand than by inking your pride on your body. 

These ladies and their vivacious feminist tattoos are making a strong statement about gender roles and equality.

It's hard to ignore them, to be sure.


You belong to yourself. No one else.

The power of creating life.

Some people still don't understand the definition.

Don't want to cross this gang.

You can be both pretty and powerful.

Don't be afraid to speak out.

Sassy with a touch of kick ass.

Can't fit this message on just one finger.

Bold is beautiful.

Note: See Ronda Rousey.

The only "rolls" we should partake in are the ones from Japanese restaurants.

Ships are sinkable.

Sometimes, taking a hammer to that ship is necessary too.

The key is to morph into who you want to be.


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