Celebrate The 15th Anniversary of 'Legally Blonde' With 15 Of Elle Woods' Greatest Moments

Bend, snap... and rewatch it on Netflix.

Time sure does fly when you're having fun and kicking pompous lawyer ass with your hair care knowledge. Fifteen years ago, Legally Blonde bent and snapped its way into the hearts of audiences everywhere during its opening weekend. 

While much has changed since then, orange still isn't the new pink and Elle Woods is still an inspiration to smart and beautiful women and men everywhere. 

These 15 moments celebrating the film's 15th anniversary will remind you exactly why: 


1. When she knew what she wanted — and went after it.

2. When she made Warner feel stupid simply by being smart.

3. When she shared this timeless piece of fashion advice.

True then. Even truer now.  Giphy

4. And this fool-proof dating technique.

5. When she knew her self-worth before anyone else did.

6. When she helped a new friend feel beautiful.

7. And empowered her to take back her life — and her dog.

8. When she set and exceeded her own expectations.

9. When she put things into perspective.

10. When she dropped this science knowledge on her Harvard colleagues.

11. When she finally said what millions of women have always thought.

12. When she trusted her instincts.

13. When she made a show-stopping entrance at her first trial.

14. And then harnessed the power of proper hair care to WIN it.

15. When she always believed in herself — and inspired everyone else to do the same.


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