15 People Who Should Have Stayed In Bed

Every single day is like Monday.

If there's anything people like more than complaining, it's schadenfreude — taking pleasure in other people's misfortune. So if your day's been leaning on the bleh side, check out these people and animals who are having days spectacularly worse than yours. Maybe it'll make you feel better about the fact that your worst days aren't interesting enough to warrant Internet infamy.


1. We really hope that street's actually black sand.

2. Sometimes your violin becomes a harp.

3. Hopefully he wasn't in the lead.

4. Please don't be a rental.

5. The saddest of Craigslist ads.

6. This little guy had a really important meeting to attend, too.

7. We can't watch.

8. This guy who's probably seeking a new job.

9. People have trust issues for a reason.

10. The captain who wasn't.

11. At least they match?

12. Why double-checking covers is important.

13. If you thought it was a foul ball already...

14. They all came close.

15. So, so close.

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