Here Are 15 Ways To Step Up Your Tailgate Game

Go big or go home.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas โ€” football season!

There are really only two types of football fans. The first type watches a game at home, drinking beer and eating Doritos out of the bag. For the second type, the atmosphere surrounding the game is just as important as what's going on down on the field. This type oozes team spirit and the event starts hours before kickoff.

Whether you root for the Michigan State Spartans or some other lesser team, we can all learn a few lessons from these kings and queens of tailgating.


1. For the best tailgaters, an invite on Facebook simply won't do.

2. Watching four games at once?! We are not worthy!

3. Pass the time before kickoff by playing supersized lawn games.

4. Does this count as drinking and driving? We hope not.

5. Attention to detail is everything.

6. When beer pong meets corn hole, everything changes.

7. Aside from drinking, tailgating is a good excuse to eat delicious junk food all day.

8. Did we mention the food?!

9. The best tailgaters are trained early.

10. Anyone can just throw on a T-shirt.

11. For tailgate royalty, only a beer throne will do.

12. Party ... coffin? We have so much to learn!

13. Breakfast of champions, because you can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning.

14. So sweet, for so many reasons.

15. Sports teams couldn't be where they are without the 12th man on the field: the fans!


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