15 Ways To Feel Like A Fresh Spring Day

Spring fever is here. Wanna catch it?

During the long winter months we tend to stay indoors, hibernate, ponder, and wish for brighter days. 

Spring is about fresh starts, experiencing new things and exploring nature. 

And guess what? It doesn't have to cost you a thing. 


1. Wear some wellies.

Wellies are pretty trendy and come in all kinds of cute designs. You can even paint and decorate them yourself. But they're not just for music festivals and gardening. 

They exist to take you on outdoor adventures. The spring thaw leaves the ground muddy, but those plastic boots are made to take it. 

Time to go jump in some puddles. 

2. Bake pastel cupcakes.

We've all had our fill of heavy, wintery comfort foods. Nothing says spring like the smell of vanilla in the kitchen. 

So get out that fun retro apron and put your baking skills to use. (Or go ahead and use a box mix.) Finish the cupcakes off with pastel-colored icing, shimmer and flower accents. 

Take a bite out of spring. 

3. Polish your nails with bright colors.

Want spring to follow you around all day? Why not paint it right onto your fingernails?

Ditch the grey polish. Pull out your favorite bright colours and mix them into cutesy designs. Not very arty? A simple stripe or polka dot pattern will do the trick. 

Toes are next.

4. Go fly a kite.

It's the kind of childhood pastime written about in novels. It doesn't have to be fiction though. 

Ask a friend's kid if you can borrow their kite and experience those days-gone- by. 

Spring is full of windy kite-flying days, so get out there and color that sky. 

5. Hang clothes to dry.

Ah, the smell of spring, if only we could capture it. We can. Forget fake scents, there's a way to smell like spring all day long. 

Skip the dryer and hang your shirts or sheets on a clothesline. You'll smell like fresh daisies and you'll save money on your utility bill. 

Don't have a clothesline? Use a laundry rack and open your window for the same effect

6. Open windows.

Speaking of opening windows, it's time to get that musty, dusty, stale smell out of the house. No need to pay for scented candles, simply open your window and let the fresh air flow.

For an extra effect, put some flowers on your window sill so the fragrance will blow in and fill the air. 

7. Put some wind chimes up.

Chimes are reminiscent of lazy days, sitting by the window while listening to the delicate notes played by the wind. Spring time can produce some blustery days, so you'll get the most use of your chimes then. 

You can make a wind chime with stuff laying around your place. One easy idea is to repurpose your spare keys by painting them a variety of bright colors and stringing them to a small wood plank. 

Only problem? All your friends will ask you to make them one too. 

8. Walk on a beach.

You don't have to wait for those hot summer days before you can enjoy the beach. In fact, the spring is a great time to explore the shore and listen to the waves because it's almost deserted.

The water might not be warm enough to swim in yet, but it's the perfect backdrop for some dramatic selfies. 

9. Paint things bright.

Wait! Before you throw that piece of "junk" out, ask yourself if maybe all it needs is a good cleaning and a paint job. 

Have some left over paint? Take your planters, an old wood table or even your bike and give it a bright, bold new look. 

Sometimes, your junk just need a little love and attention to become a gem. 

10. Make a fresh, light lunch.

We've come out of hibernation and we're all feeling a little groggy. Brighten up your day with juicy, bright food that won't have you feeling bloated when you're done. 

Smell, savor and appreciate the variety of flavors and colors. 

If you can make a little stop to a market or stand for fresh, local seasonal food... all the better. 

11. Decorate with twinkly lights.

It might not be quite warm enough yet to sit out at night and stargaze, but nothing's stopping you from putting twinkly lights up around your place. 

Whether in your bedroom, living room, balcony or patio, those little lights will remind you of long hot evenings when fireflies are dancing about.

Get ready for a magical spring evening. They don't call them fairy lights for nothing.

12. Drink rosé wine.

Next time your friend invites you out for lunch, think about ordering a glass of rosé. It's kind of trendy again, and some of the top wineries are getting in on the act. 

Whether you're a red or white drinker, chances are, there's a rosé to your liking. It's the perfect spring day compromise for those who don't want a heavy red or a light white.  

Don't forget to chill. 

13. Soften those feet.

Your poor feet have been hidden away, cloaked in fuzzy socks and exposed to the heater. Chances are, they're dry and flaky and you're not showing them off. 

It's time to pamper those soles of yours with natural coconut oil or olive oil. Slather it on, put a pair of cotton socks over them and sleep with it on over night. 

The next morning you'll be ready to show those super soft heels off to everyone. 

14. Brighten up your table.

Celebrate the season by pampering yourself in bright colors and scents. No need to buy new settings, just add some accessories you have hidden away on a shelf or box. 

Ask your neighbor if you can cut a flower from her garden. Dig out an old vase and decorate some glasses with paint or add pretty details to your placemats. 

As long as it's your style, it'll make you smile. 

15. Walk in the rain.

Rain, rain go away, come back another day. No way! Rainy days are the best and spring is full of them. 

Who doesn't love those days when you're inside reading a good book or watching a movie and the rain is gently tapping the window and the smell of wet grass fills the air. 

You might even want to grab an umbrella and take a walk through the park. Everything looks so much greener when it's raining. 

All of these are even better when done with your best friend.

Which number will you do this spring?


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