14-Year-Old Petitions For Fair Representation At School: Women In History Should Not Be Invisible

"A few token women are not enough."

A 14-year-old girl from England named Liv Jones has become a feminist hero after petitioning her school for fair representation.

After renovations, Jones's school decided some newly built classrooms would be named after inspiring historical figures, but when each department compiled a list of potential names, the teen was disappointed to find very few of the figures suggested were female. And when the school's headmaster was unbothered by the lack of female names put forth, Jones decided to take matters into her own hands.


Thanks to some encouragement from her mom and a few friends, Jones started a Change.org petition asking the headmaster and teachers at her school to ensure historical men and women were represented equally when it came time to formally name the new classrooms. "A few token women are not enough," the petition states. "Whilst the sexism isn't blatantly obvious, nor is it purposeful, it's still there. If we can't get the room names altered in time, future students will have the underlying notion that women's achievements are not as important as men's and we cannot let this happen."  

Jones's petition, which has since expanded to a include Facebook group and Twitter account, has already received over 3,600 of the necessary 5,000 signatures thanks to some social media attention from an array of English celebs

"The Rooms Of Our Own campaign is here to remind students, teachers, and governors that women in history should not be invisible," the petition continues. "If young girls are educated in a school that does not give an equal platform to the accomplishments of both genders, how are they going to get the confidence to go out and change the world one day?"

With the support however, came some backlash. Jones was cyber bullied and called a "feminazi," and even missed a few days of school because of difficulties with the administration. "The cyberbullying started almost straight away with a boy who got his internet friends involved. They were saying some really nasty things," she tells Mashable.

Now that she's risen above the haters, Jones has plans to take the Rooms of Our Own message beyond her school, which still hasn't named its new classrooms.

"Now we're trying to make it more about celebrating the unwritten women from history because there are so many moments in history in which people are realizing that women played a part," the teen tells Mashable. "I think it's very important to celebrate women throughout history who weren't in the books, but whose lives were important and deserve more awareness."

We're not sure what's in the water over there in England, but the country's given us some pretty awesome feminist heroes lately, like this 5-year-old boss lady who has no time for sexist notions about what girls can't do. Keep up the good work, ladies!

Cover image via Shutterstock / Atlaspix.


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