14 Famous Historical Moments From Perspectives You've Never Seen


Unless we were at the site of a major historical event, we're used to imagining the defining moments of our age through the images that are presented to us through media outlets. Pictures help define our collective memory, creating cultural iconography that is at once relatable and evocative. 

For later generations, those images, in a sense, become history. They become an inseparable part of how history is imagined, contextualized, and narrated. Photographs form the major part of historical iconography. The images, once viewed and embedded with meaning, become a common visual language of history.

But every photo is only a moment suspended in depiction. These moments, though past, were seen through other eyes, other lenses, other frames of experience, and other perspectives. This collection of photographs, culled from this thread on Reddit, offers a look at history through some of those perspectives. Think of them as disappearing dialects in the language that we call history. Enjoy.


1. The Hoover Dam.

2. Wilbur Wright flying around the Statue of Liberty.

3. The unknown man who faced down a tank in Tianamen Square.

4. The MGM Lion being filmed for his iconic roar.

5. The iceberg thought to have sunk RMS Titanic.

6. Martin Luther King's historic 1968 speech at the Lincoln Memorial.

7. Jackie Kennedy watching JFK from backstage.

8. New York City after V-J Day celebrations, 1945.

9. The original Hollywood sign.

10. Abraham Lincoln having a chat with General George McClellan.

11. The models of Grant Wood's "American Gothi" painting.

12. The crowds at Woodstock, 1969.

13. John F. Kennedy giving a speech in front of the Berlin Wall, 1963.

14. 1989: Traffic snarls after the borders separating East and West Germany open.

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