14 People On Facebook Who Need To Be Stopped

The most annoying people in social networking history.

The problem with Facebook is that the door policy is kind of lax. They let anyone in there. And some of them have a way of ruining the place for everyone else. These are those annoying people who constantly pop up in your feed and make you want to delete your account.


Like the parents who are obsessed with their kids and mercilessly inflict every detail about their offspring on the general public. Or the guy who thinks he's a stand-up comedian and Facebook is his big break. And let's not forget the insufferable girl who's always posting party pictures.  

This hilariously spot-on takedown, courtesy of our friends at Buzzfeed Video, brilliantly breaks down the taxonomy of annoying Facebook people. We're certain you'll recognize at least a few of them. Watch below...

How many of these unsavory characters did you recognize? Let us know in the comments section. And be sure to share this video with all your Facebook friends. Help stop the insanity now!

Source: Buzzfeed Video


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