Here Are 12 Of The Most Striking Portraits Captured By 'Humans Of New York'

Real people, real stories.

Every day Brandon Stanton walks through busy New York City streets searching for the perfect subjects to share with his 10 million-strong following on photoblog Humans Of New York. There he posts impromptu photographs of passersby alongside brief but powerful excerpts of their personal stories. The resulting collection is a beautifully patchwork portrait of the city's five boroughs -- and he says that that it has the power to make the big metropolis feel just a little bit more close-knit.

"Now that I've personally interacted with about 10,000 people, it almost makes NYC feel like a small city," he wrote during a Reddit question and answer session.

The project has clearly struck a chord with others as well. In 2013, Stanton's book of the same title shot to the top of the New York Times best-seller list, and last month, he released Little Humans, its kids-oriented sequel.

So what secrets does Stanton owe his success to? It's all about being honest and really connecting with people, he says.

"It's just two people having a conversation in the street. I think that's where genuine content comes from," he told Mashable.

Check out 12 of his most striking HONY portraits below.


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