13 Moments That Might've Turned Out Okay... But They Didn't

Don't laugh too hard: Fortune was aiming at you.

There are some plans that, no matter how well plotted out, are simply doomed to fail, whether by design or by cruel fate. These make up both the larger and smaller agonies in our lives: the moments that we can look back on with horror and ask "Why did I even attempt that?" as well as the moments where we might shrug stoically and say, "Well, it would have been okay... But it wasn't."

There's an entire subreddit dedicated to these moments called WellThatSucks and it's from there that we have drawn these examples of those moments.

Let them be reminders that we're all just one minor malfunction away from the next catastrophe, so tread softly, choose well, and remember that you cannot flatter fate.



1. Almost... but no, not quite.

2. Well-planned... but the execution could've gone more smoothly.

3. Could be worse... but not much.

4. This is amazing... but for the wrong reasons.

5. We could say something... but this speaks volumes.

6. Thought you'd impress them... but you didn't.

7. You wanted ice... but not an avalanche.

8. She had the theory... but not the technique.

9. You were gonna charge it... but now you're DEFINITELY paying cash.

10. He had done it before... but this time, things didn't work out.

11. You hired your cousin... but you should've hired a contractor.

12. He could've driven the bread truck... but he chose to deliver paint.

13. Thought you'd go for a ride... but the horse had other ideas.

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