13 Lessons For Surviving A Long Commute

The wheels on the bus... never stop.

The average worker in the U.S. commutes 25.4 minutes to work, but that's nothing compared to mega commuters who travel more than a depressing hour and a half each way. Yup, over 600,000 workers actually make the schlep, spending nearly a quarter of their day commuting. 

And if you're one of these mega commuters, than you need these 13 rules to survive the trek. 


1. Waiting for the bus? Bring an umbrella.

2. Be on time for public transportation, because you can't outrun it.

3. Stay away from sick people. ALWAYS.

4. Keep away from the crazies on the bus.

5. Avoid sitting on the filthy seats.

6. Don't sit next to the people sleeping.

7. Sleep on a train and someone might video you.

8. Traffic is traffic. Deal with it legally or get hurt.

9. No pushing or shoving when entering the train.

10. Make room for the other passengers in the subway.

11. No need to sit and hold the pole at the same time.

12. Pay no mind to the musicians.

13. When you've had enough of your long commute, pack up everything and move closer to your job.

(Cover Image via: publicdomainpictures.net)

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