13 Vintage Halloween Costumes That Will Scare The Hell Out Of You

They're coming to see you tonight.

1. Trick or treat.


2. It appears when you call it.

3. At night, you can hear them laughing in the woods.

4. I learned not to interrupt mother and father when they went to the basement.

5. You'll hear her singing in the nursery.

6. We saw them dancing around a fire.

7. They found no trace of their parents.

8. It knows where you sleep.

9. She wants to play a game with you.

10. He showed them a trick that no one forgot.

11. ...but it wasn't a costume party.

12. He'll visit you if you look into his eyes.

13. They're right behind you.

If you want to get the fear out of your skin, please share these disturbing photos with your friends...or else these kids might show up at your door.


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