If You Love America, You May Not Want To Read This

One way or another, they'll make you think.

Columbus Day has started to cause some controversy.


Over the last few years, pushback on this once celebrated holiday has grown exponentially. With new opinion outlets like Twitter and Facebook, Columbus Day has come under fire for a myriad of reasons. In Seattle, people have protested the holiday and refrained from celebrating it entirely. 

You might be asking, "but why?" Here are some tweets that are food for thought, and a few offering opposing perspectives as well:

1. A valid point.

2. This is something you probably didn't consider.

3. Sometimes, humor is good for serious topics.

4. Apparently, "unique" Columbus Day plans are growing in popularity.

5. Some history...

6. Thoughts from a Native American

7. Here we have the minimalist.

8. The statistics make you think.

9. However, some of these people may be misinformed or misled by a growing trend.

Including: "Columbus' men were rapists and murderers."

10. Others used it as an opportunity for bi-partisan commentary.

11. Some won the game of wit.

12. Some were confused.

13. And, thankfully, some had fantastic suggestions.

Really, though, can we make this happen? It seems good for everyone.

Clearly, Columbus Day is a topic growing in controversy. We'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Let us know know in the comments, and remember: be respectful!

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