These Are The 13 Best Places To Go On A Friend Date

You'll want to do #8 ASAP.

Our friends are our chosen family. They're the people who support us through every success, failure, and everything in between. That's why it's so important to make time for friend dates. But a friend date is more than just hanging out. It means putting the same thought and effort into spending time with a friend as you would a romantic partner.


So instead of just meeting up at your regular spot, going on a friend date often means getting out of your comfort zone with someone you're comfortable with. These experiences won't just strengthen your friendship but will give you special memories to look back on when you're sitting next to each other in a nursing home. 

Here are 13 of our favorite friend date ideas you and your BFF can do right now: 

1. Trivia Night

You already know you and your BFF(s) make a great team, so why not prove it to the world? Check out your local bar trivia scene or host your own themed trivia night at home. Either way, you're sure to have an awesome (and surprisingly educational) friend date. 

2. Apple Picking

Head to your local apple orchard for a day date with your bestie and the great outdoors. Of course, you don't have to pick just apples, you can pick whatever fruit or veggies are locally grown near you. After you've finished picking your fruit, you can make a pie, struddel, or other apple-filled recipe and enjoy the fruit of your labors together. 

3. Rosé Wine Mansion

If you're looking for a particularly 'grammable, not to mention delicious, friend date, this is it. Sip your way through NYC's Rosé Wine Mansion, making sure to take a dip in the flower-filled bathtub, a swing on the chandelier, and of course, a jump in the ball pit. If you live outside out of the city, you can recreate your own version with a rosé potluck where everyone brings a bottle (or two) to try.  

4. Karaoke

Whether it's in the car, at a bar, or at home, karaoke is a ridiculously fun way to bond with your best friends. You can even make a game out of it by voting on the best performance, American Idol style, or just focus on nailing your group's impression of Mamma Mia's Donna and the Dynamos.

5. Flea Market

Spend the day perusing a flea market for one-of-a-kind finds with a friend who'll tell you whether you really need that Golden Girls mug. All the different antiques and vintage pieces are sure to spark unexpected conversations between you two, so you won't even need to buy anything to have a great time.

6. Paint & Sip Class

Even if you don't have an artistic bone in your body, you can still have tons of colorful fun at a paint and sip class with your BFFs. If there aren't any classes available where you live, recruit the artist in the group to lead an at-home class or take a lesson from the one and only Bob Ross (available on Netflix). 

7. Local Museums

Friends don't let friends go through life without some culture. That's why going to a museum is a friend date you can always feel good about. (And yes, the Museum of Ice Cream technically counts.) Research the local museums in your area to see if any have new, exciting exhibits and if any offer free admission on certain days. 

8. Picnic

Grab your BFF, a blanket, and your favorite foods for a picnic in your local park. Relax as you take in the natural scenery or pack everything up and take a hike. Either way, you'll have the best date with your bestie ever. 

9. Fancy Movie Night

Turn the traditional movie and dinner date night on its head by dressing like a movie star and heading to an upscale theater (you know, the kind that serves a full-course dinner). Extra points if that movie theater happens to be on a rooftop or a drive-in. 

10. Exercise Class

While it may be difficult to get yourself motivated to work out, that's exactly why taking an exercise class with a friend is so awesome. You'll push each other to do your best, no matter how sore you might be the next day. After all, friends who sweat together stay together. 

11. Food Festival

Dates are all about the food, and friend dates are no exception. Check out the calendar of local food festivals to see which ones tickle your taste buds. The best part? Sharing each dish means you get to try twice as many (or more — who's counting?). 

12. Amusement Park

Recreate your favorite childhood field trip, but with all the perks of adulthood, on a friend date to an amusement park. Besides going on all the thrill rides, you can see shows, eat junk food, and maybe even win a prize. (Although we all know that the real prizes are the memories made along the way.) 

13. Road Trip

As the Britney Spears classic Crossroads showed us, a road trip makes for one epic friend date. Because a road trip usually lasts a few hours (minimum), it can be a date on its own or lead up to another friend date, like apple picking or going to a museum. No matter where you go, you'll have your favorite copilot by your side — and that's what really matters. 

Cover image via Jacob Lund on Shutterstock


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