13 Absolutely Ridiculous Exam Questions And Answers That Will Test Your Sanity

There is such a thing as a stupid question.

People often say that "there's no such thing as a stupid question," but if you've ever taken a test or exam, you've probably realized that the saying isn't quite true.

We scoured Imgur for the most ridiculous test questions and answers that we could find and, as usual, we were not disappointed. 

If nothing else, these will give you a boost of self-confidence, 


1. Oh, Canada.

Canadian driver license test question

2. Another reason not to go to grad school.

This is an actual question from a GMAT test booklet.

3. In this student's defense, "scientists" IS pretty broad.

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4. We like!

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My physics teacher put this question on a test

6. Beyonc-A.

The last question on my test

7. Do you even lift, bro?

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8. This is just a little obvious: your teacher is OVER it.

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9. At least this person understands the question.

Genuine school exam question and answer.

10. I can just hear the snickers when you explained that the answer was "fire."

A question on a fourth grade exam...and most of them picked "weed."

11. Come on, you walked right into that.

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12. Not quite ready for academia.

Just took my qualifying exam...this was pretty much the answer to my last question

13. She's just not that N2 you ...

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What's the silliest test question or answer you've ever seen? Did you get the nitrogen joke? Let us know in the comments!


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