12 Things Sex and the City Lied To Us About

Yeah, no.

1. Carrie lived in an amazing apartment she could never have afforded.


She wrote an 800-word column every week for a broadsheet with small circulation and had awesome digs. Where were her roommates? 

2. They hung out all the time.

Sadly, people just don't hang out that often in New York—or anywhere outside of college, for that matter. Everyone is just too busy, too lazy, or too in a relationship. 

3. They made being middle class in New York look way more glamorous than it really is.

4. In the end, the total jerk turned out to be the one.

Seriously? He treated her terribly. Why would she go back to him? What about Aidan!!??

5. They took cabs everywhere.

Taking cabs in New York is impossibly expensive. No one does it except for people who are crazy rich or crazy stupid. 

6. Traffic was never as bad as it should have been.

This is related to #5. They swiftly maneuvered around the city in yellow taxis despite the fact that taking a cab in Manhattan is frequently slower than crawling or clicking your heels together and trying to teleport.

7. No New Yorker would ever do this.

Yeah, no.

8. They made being single seem way more fun than it is.

Sure it can be fun at times. But it's mostly a drag. 

9. Nobody actually dresses like this.

10. Where were all the homeless people?

The New York Carrie and her friends inhabited seemed to have been scoured of the squalor one sees daily on the streets of the Big Apple. 

11. Gay men aren't caricatures.

12. They ate and drank a ton but still managed to stay in really good shape.

Maybe in your early twenties...but after 30? 

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Cover image via  Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com


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