These 12 Notes Will Make You Want To Do Something Nice For Your Neighbors

The last one is the best.

Do you know your neighbors?


It's tough in close-knit towns, and even tougher in big cities where you can live next to someone for years and never even know their name. 

It's easy to become annoyed with neighbors that we've never met. They may play their music too loudly or have car alarms that go off every morning or find other ways to torment you.

Here's the thing, though: they're probably not doing any of it to bother you. They might be really cool people. They might be potential friends. It's always worth at least knowing your neighbors by name. It's always worth it to start with kindness when it comes to your neighbors.

Here are 12 neighbors who embody at least some of that ethic.

1. Well, at least they apologized and didn't redecorate the walls or anything.

2. Pirates always looking out for each other.

(It's ketchup.)

3. This is just downright...neighborly.

4. A Redditor who moved to Japan got this note.

Another Reddit user added a bit of explanation:

'Are you in the Navy? And thank you for Operation Tomodachi.'

Tomodachi is the Japanese word for friend. It was also the operation the US navy did to supply food water and humanitarian aid to the Japanese affected by the Tsunami in 2011. The 11th of march was the 2 year anniversary of the earthquake.

The saddest line is "the divorce and I live alone." Makes you want to buy him a drink and invite him for cake.

5. Well-intended and very kind, but could there be any place more depressing than a strip club on Christmas?

6. Apologize with words first. Then apologize with cookies.

7. This happens a lot. If you see it, let your neighbor know.

8. Nori Aoki, former Right Fielder for the K.C. Royals left these tickets for a 10-year-old neighbor celebrating a birthday.

Aoki is now with the S.F. Giants, but we forgive him because this is awesome.

9. Looks like this person has found neighbors with common interests!

10. This guy's 102-year-old neighbor remembered his 21st birthday while in the hospital.

11. Kind spot of encouragement (read backstory below).

Imgur user rossjohngraham posted this and wrote:

"After months of depression, and on the morning that my girlfriend and I broke up, I decided to play my guitar and sing some songs. I later discovered this posted under my front door from an anonymous neighbour :')"

12. Ninjas cutting onions again... This is the best kid ever.

One way to meet your neighbors doesn't involve knocking on doors.

NextDoor is a location/neighborhood-based app that connects you with the people who live around you. It's an added sense of security to connect with people who can keep an eye on your place when you're out of town or just meet for drinks.

Or you could just bring them cookies.

Please share this with your friends and neighbors.


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