12 Breakups That Prove When It's Over, It's Over

#2 will crack you up.

Sometimes relationships just don't work out. Unfortunately, sometimes they can build up a huge amount of unspoken anger, bitterness, and hostility and when the relationship finally ends, the break-ups can be pretty spectacular.

Still other times, everything seems okay...until you find out something's been going on behind your back. When that happens, it might seem like nothing short of a spectacle makes any sense. 

You'll see a little of both right here. 


1. The hearts are scary on this.

2. She got that ass, so....

3. This person on the receiving end of this isn't real...right?

4. You definitely have his attention.

5. Baller on a budget?

6. Plot twist: the dumpee is lactose-intolerant.

7. Dog knew it too.

8. Wait...what?

9. Hint: she doesn't want to "still be friends."

10. Regarding #6, don't ask that question.

11. Rookie.

12. Players get played.

If you're dumped, just know it's never worth the drama. Just walk away and salvage your dignity.

Life is too short to carry on and on after a breakup. Just dust yourself off, give yourself a little space to grieve, and then move on. Why would you want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you?

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