She's A One-Handed Player, But It Doesn't Stop Her From Pitching


11-year-old Brittany Apgar is a star baseball player. She's played since she was just two years old, and according to her father, her ball can reach 75 miles per hour.

Not to mention she plays without her right hand.


Born with a birth defect, Apgar has had 11 surgeries on her right hand. And though she can't play with it, she can't be stopped.

In an NBC video report, Apgar tells viewers that when she first steps onto the field, she senses everyone looking at her. But "once I start throwing," she explains, "they'll start to realize that I'm here to just play, not play around."

Her drive and passion for the sport is contagious.

Other athletic feats, like Apgar's, have inspired us too.

In June, Tom Willis, born without arms, threw out the first pitch at a Giants Game.

Seen here, Willis completed the pitch with just his feet — and it was a beautiful one at that.

And for young players like Apgar, there's a bigger goal in mind.

"It was a goal to get people to accept me for who I am, and to know that they won't take me for anybody different," Apgar tells NBC.

She also hopes to play ball with the rest of the boys through her high school years.

Watch the full video below:

(H/T: NBC New York)


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