11-Year-Old Girl Just Dumped Her Boyfriend With The Most Epic Burn Of All Time

Kids these days.

Life is hard when you're a pre-teen. Mostly because of the trials and tribulations of middle school, namely acne and other puberty-related things. But it can also get crazy in terms of relationships, too. Turns out kiddos these days can fall in "love" too, and paired with the fact that their generation grew up using digital devices, breakup texts are bound to become the norm. 

Thanks to one 11-year-old girl's older sister, Madi, the entire Internet has an idea of how hilarious they can be. 

Two days ago, she tweeted three screenshots of a conversation her lil sis had with her former boyfriend. The boyfriend, Joey, went to the park with another girl named Natalie and Madi's sister was not having it.

The breakup went as follows.


1. She texts him the four most-dreaded words in the English language, then lays it on thick.

2. Joey will officially be shunned in middle school. Truly a tragedy.

3. He might need some ice for that burn.

The girls' mother apparently even confirmed that these texts are, in fact, real.

Since posting, older sis has gotten over 8,000 retweets (or RTs, as the kids say) and 13,000 plus favorites. It's also been picked up by Internet outlets far and wide, including MTV, Gawker and Cosmo

If this is what breaking up is like for elementary schoolers, we're anxious to see the drama unfold in middle school. 



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