11 'Texts From Last Night' That Every Drinker Can Relate To

#5 is so true.

Twitter accounts as good and as painfully honest as "Texts From Last Night" are pretty rare, but that's why we love them so much. The geniuses who thought to take the bizarre things we say during those hours of drunken vulnerability and curate them should probably get some kind of literature award. Although that's unlikely, we've found some of the very best of their stuff and put it here for you.



1. Same, no shame.

2. Real friends are rare indeed.

3. Hope you bought them a round.

4. Whatever. See you at the office.

5. Ever had one of THOSE hangovers?

6. Pretty much.

7. Capitalism.

8. Party level: +1,000,000,000

9. Fried chicken basically cures everything.

10. Well... it's only alcoholism if you recycle and use the change to buy more booze. Maybe.

11. That IS a problem, isn't it?

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