11 Of The Most Efficient People You'll Ever See

They're not just quick, they're smooth.

Efficiency is best defined as the ratio of production or completed work to the amount of energy expended. The old saying "work smart, not hard" embodies some of the spirit of this idea: that an excess of effort does not always mean an abundance of productivity. 

The most efficient people understand this and find ways to shave away unnecessary effort when they work. They refine their process. They utilize unconventional methods in order to maximize their performance.

Take a look at these 11 people who embody the best of efficiency.


1. This gift-wrapper.

2. This pineapple master.

3. This dishwasher.

4. This watermelon cutter.

5. This amazing painter.

6. This road worker.

7. This mechanic.

8. This birthday kid.

9. These movers.

10. This warehouse worker.

11. This Cheez-Its aficionado.

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