These Are The 11 Dance Moves You Need To Master Before The 2016 MTV VMAs

If you like the "Cha Cha Slide," it's time to try the "I Slay" Side Shuffle.

Many elements go into making a music video not just creative and memorable, but — once a year — worthy of winning an award. Of course, that award just happens to be one of the coveted silver MTV Moonman from the channel's Video Music Awards, airing this Sunday, August 28 at 9 p.m. Easter Time. 

While there are many factors to consider with each video, one of the most important is its choreography. The right dance move can turn any regular music video into an overnight pop culture phenomenon. Sometimes, the choreography is so popular, it can even outlive the video or song itself. 

Try out these 11 dynamic dance moves for yourself and make sure you have 'em down by Sunday night: 


1. The Slay-All-Day Side Step

One does not dare watch the VMAs — which, after nominating Beyoncé 11 times, should really just change their name to the BMAs anyway — without mastering the proper rituals honoring the queen. It might be a tall order to learn all the physically demanding choreography of "Formation" by Sunday, but this side step that screams "slay" is a good place to start. If you work hard and grind 'til you own it, you're sure to establish your rightful place in Queen Bey's court.  

2. The "I'm Not Too Sorry" To Strut

Whatever your personal opinion of the Biebs, you gotta admit the choreography to "Sorry" was clever, dynamic, and just plain fun. This move, in particular, allows you to let loose and blow off some steam — no apologies needed if you're less than perfect. So clear some space in your living room and dance like nobody (not even Selena) is watching. 

3. The Dopest Dad Begrudgingly Allowed On the Dance Floor

Also known as "The Serena Williams" or "The Pokemaster," this dad joke equivalent of a dance move created a tidal wave of memes and parody videos when Drake's "Hotline Bling" video debuted last October. Though the four-time VMA-nominated video features dozens of other memorable dance moves, this one won over the internet's collective hearts — and knees — more than any other. 

4. The "Shake Your Two Cents" Shimmy

You don't have to be a dance prodigy like Maddie Ziegler to thrill all your friends and family with this move. And you don't need dollar bills to have fun while you're doing it. Just spend the weekend blasting Sia's "Cheap Thrills" and shaking it like a piggybank that refuses to give up your last penny. 

5. The Mirror Salsa

Forget the mirror selfie. It's that time of year when we all need to break out The Mirror Salsa. While that isn't necessarily the Latin-inspired dance Rihanna's doing in her "Work" music video, it's close enough for fans to replicate in their bathrooms as preparation for this year's awards. Once you've spiced up your salsa, you might as well take a mirror selfie (video, of course).   

6. The Updated Elvis

Is The Weeknd the new Elvis? His knee-licious gyrations from "Can't Feel My Face" are certainly a step in the right direction. One thing's for sure: his moves are so hot, they'd make anyone say, "Good gracious, great balls of fire!" (Yes, we're aware that song was performed by Jerry Lee Lewis.) While The Weeknd already performed this hit at last year's VMAs, you can still light up the dance floor yourself on Sunday. 

7. The Walker Waltz

"Watch Out" when you start whipping around walkers to this Best Hip Hop Video nominee from 2 Chainz. Though you might have to raid your grandparents' closet for the proper equipment, it's well worth it to be the flyest person at the nursing home. 

8. The High-Five Hopscotch

You know what they say, it takes two to tango. It also just happens to take two to recreate this high-fiving and high-flying dance sequence from "Angels" by Chance the Rapper featuring Saba. So grab your best friend and give it your best shot. 

9. The Sledgehammer Shake

It's never been more fun to "Work From Home" when you can work on your dance moves. While it might take you all week to get anywhere close to Fifth Harmony's perfect synchronization by Sunday night, as long as you're having fun and doing what you love, it won't really feel like work anyway. 

10. The Steering Wheel Shuffle

This move might just be the one that drives Missy Elliott all the way to a VMA victory. From her "WTF (Where They From)" video featuring Pharrell, as well as puppet versions of the artists, this dance step doesn't require a license. If she wins for Best Choreography this year, maybe we'll see some parallel parking-inspired moves in her next video. 

11. The "Boy, Bye" Ballet

The only person who'll feel "Sorry" after watching this video is the one who doesn't learn how to do Beyoncé's signature brush-off. This move's called the "Boy, Bye" Ballet because, not only does it require the utmost poise and grace, but "ballet" is only one letter away from "baller," which is exactly how you'll feel after you've mastered it. 

Since anything can — and does — happen at the VMAs, you'll probably want to have this one on hand. 


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