11-Month-Old Boy With Down Syndrome Scores Contract With Same Modeling Agency As His Mom

It's a family business.

Amanda Booth is a 26-year-old model living in Los Angeles who is also the proud new mother of Micah Quinones, her baby son diagnosed with Down syndrome at 3 months old. Micah is now close to a year old and after Booth recently discovered he has a love for the camera, she signed him onto the same modeling agent as herself.

"As soon as the camera comes out, he looks right into it. Everyone says to [Micah], 'you're just like your mother,' " said Booth. She and her husband had no idea Micah would be born with Down syndrome, as they chose not to do any prenatal testing, and his condition doesn't concern her at all. She proudly stated that "our little man is so freaking incredible, I literally forget that he has [Down syndrome]."

Check out little Micah doing his best Blue Steel and other modeling looks:


1. Like mother like son.

2. Already rocking a badass haircut.

3. Great binky. Kid knows how to use a prop.

4. Whose hat is better?

5. Born for the camera.

6. Work the backside, buddy.

7. Rocking it even in black and white.

8. His stylist could make a killing with the infant crowd.

9. Models have long days, man.

Check out Micah and his mom working the camera together more on Booth's Instagram — and Micah's even got his own Instagram up and running here.

(H/T: The LAD Bible)


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