11 Marketing Fails So Epic They Deserve Their Own Hall Of Shame

These are either grounds for termination or pure genius.

Branding is the surest way for a company to make a first impression. With slick ads, advertisers can embed ideas about its offerings in the minds of consumers who, numb to the constant bombardment of images, words, and jingles, pick out novelty and remember it.

Unfortunately, novelty isn't always a good thing. When marketing goes awry, the company is forgotten, and their faux pas remembered as little more than disastrous, hilarious fails.

Although that accomplishes half of the mission — making a first impression — it's not a great way to consistently sell a product. 

Here are 11 of the funniest marketing and advertising fails we could find. Enjoy.


1. Not sure we'd want to drink that.

2. They could have folded it ANY other way.

3. Um. Yeah. COME ON.

4. Placement. It's all about ad placement.

5. Hey, is that a...?

6. Why would ANYONE have thought this was a good idea for an ad?

7. PICK a better font next time.

8. That's DEFINITELY a... Oh, it's a BONE.

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9. Subtle, Big Pharma. Subtle.

10. What is that elephant doing?!

11. There's so much wrong with this.

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