You Really Need To Try These 11 Halloween Manicures This Year

These are so rad.

Halloween is all about going over the top and dressing up in ways that are hard to get away with the rest of the year. Whether your costume supports bad*ss historical feminists or is more of a family affair, every detail needs to be incredibly on point. 

While makeup and hair are usually done to perfection while enjoying the festivities, one key aspect is usually overlooked: nails. Rather than leaving nails bare, it really does polish up the entire appearance by having nails painted to perfection.

Here are 11 of the most insane Halloween manicures to try out this year:


1. These are absolutely unreal.

2. These jack-o-lantern faces are amazing.

3. Amazing "Nightmare Before Christmas."

4. Perfect pumpkins!

5. These ombre drips are bloody awesome!

6. So sweet!

7. Simple and chic!

8. These sugar skulls are completely epic.

9. Love this fang-tastic design!

10. We've got our eye on this design.

11. So spooky and awesome!

Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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