11 Epic Moments Of Instant Justice

Pure satisfaction.

1. This attempted robber got the chair.


There's something innately satisfying about seeing criminals receive instant justice. Maybe it's because it seems so rare. 

Thanks to CCTV, however, some of the heartwarming moments when crime doesn't pay can be enjoyed over and over again and shared. Here are a few that'll make you smile. As a disclaimer, we ask you to remember that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

Even these guys.

2. This clown should have planned his escape better.

3. Probably didn't see that coming, did you?

4. He'd better get used to the feeling.

5. There's always someone faster.

6. Is stupidity illegal?

7. Could have just put the handcuffs on himself and saved everyone the trouble.

8. This old-timer just ran out of tolerance.

9. Better than he deserved.

10. Chose the wrong dude's car to mess with.

11. Play with fire...

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