This Is What You Do When You Discover 109 Utterly Adorable Love Letters At A Vintage Shop

Relationship goals.

While browsing a vintage shop in Chicago, Steph Knudson stumbled upon a treasure trove that is a hopeless romantic's dream: love letters, 109 of them to be exact. 

Knudson, who works as a development manager for an event planning company outside of the city, wrote on her newly created blog, 109 Love Letters, that last December she and her best friend found two stacks of letters tied neatly with string. They bought them and on the train home discovered the letters were exchanges between a single couple, Daisy and John.

"We both awed over the affection and love that emulated from those couple of letters and were a little sad that we only had this small piece of their story," she wrote on the blog. "We must have been reading louder than we thought because when we stopped, the woman sitting in the opposite aisle turned to us and said 'is that all you have?'"

Knudson went back to the vendor to see if there was more of them and she was in luck. The vendor brought out the rest of the letters, totaling 109, that spanned from 1905 to 1910.

"Each letter was still in it's original envelope (with its 1 cent stamp), so each letter had an address as well as a postmark with a date, so I was able to put all of them in chronological order," she wrote.  

(Content of letters below the picture.)


Knudson decided to create the blog to showcase the letters, and show how beautiful love really is. She posted the first four letters. 

Though she only has the letters from Daisy to John, they're still precious in every way. Here's a few excerpts:

October 30, 1905

I did not mean to wait over two weeks before answering your letters but time does fly so quickly.  I do not know whether it is because I have so much to do or lack of good management that I leave so little time.I happened to be sweeping when I received your letter so instead of laying down my sewing, I laid down my broom which I was not sorry to do.  I am very glad to hear that you are going to take up your studies so soon.  

January 11, 1906

When I think of the good time we had last summer, I cannot bear to think of never visiting or probably ever seeing all of you again. When you write to the girls or see them please tell them how anxious I am to hear from them. Are you going to give me what I deserve and make me wait long for an answer? Tell me about your plans for the winter.

February 25, 1906

I feel so often like feel like screaming and having a noisy time as I did last summer but I am a dignified school teacher. Just wait until next summer! I shall make up for it then. It is very kind of you to think of entertaining me and if I come , I shall be pleased to see you. I appreciate your kindness very much.

Let's hope Knudson can uncover more about Daisy and John. We're at the edge of our seats.


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