102-Year-Old Is Given Footage Of Herself Dancing In The '40s, And It's Like Watching Time Travel

Like a time machine.

Who are those people we see in movies from the 1930s and '40s, and where are they now? 

It is rare to encounter someone who has a personal connection to that industry and time, but 102-year-old Alice Barker is one such woman.  

Barker, a former chorus dancer during the Harlem Renaissance, reached her prime among greats like Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, dancing numbers with incredible costumes and moves. 

But while Barker performed professionally for years in famous clubs and had even appeared on television — on commercials and in shows — she had never seen footage of herself dancing. 

Not once. 

But this changed when her family got ahold of three "soundies," or music videos, she appeared in.


Her reaction to seeing herself in motion for the first time is pretty amazing.

She even imparted some stories about her experiences.

She explains why she was nicknamed Chicken Little at the time: "Because every time we go somewhere, they'd say 'What do you want to eat?' I'd say 'chicken,' So they called me Chicken Little." 

The videos made her long for the past.

And when she was shown old pictures of herself, she wanted more.

"...all of her photographs and memorabilia have been lost over the years," it says in the video description. 

Check out the full video below:

One YouTuber commented "Beautiful and bittersweet! life is precious! dance dance dance." — We couldn't agree more. 

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