102-Year-Old Grandma Checks Getting 'Arrested' Off Her Bucket List, Rides In A Cop Car, 'Handcuffs And All'



Edie Simms, a 102-year-old St. Louis woman has accomplished a lot in life, but there is one thing she had yet to "achieve" — getting arrested. The feat isn't on everyone's bucket list, but for Simms, riding in a cop car was one thing she wanted to try. So, to help her check getting "arrested" off her bucket list, St. Louis police gave her a ride to her five-star senior center home. She even got handcuffed to make the experience seem more real. 

The arrest was, of course, fake, as Simms is a stellar member of her community. She even sewed and stitched about 400 items for the people at her senior center. 

"Keep going," she says in the video above. "Don't ever stop whatever it is you're doing. And spend some time doing community service, because sometimes the person you reach out and touch is the only person they will talk to in a day." 

Now those are some words we could all live by. 


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