This 101-Year-Old Veteran Just Broke The Skydiving World Record

"Really, I'd do it again tomorrow."

D-Day veteran Bryson William Verdun Hayes, also known as Verdun, is showing us all you're never too old to do something adventurous — and break a world record in the process. 

Verdun, who was 101 years and 38 days old at the time, recently became the oldest person in the world to tandem skydive. And, yes, those 38 days matter as the previous record holder, Canadian Armand Gendreau, accomplished the feat at 101 years and three days old. 

"Beautiful," Hayes said after landing, "Really, I'd do it again tomorrow. I would, truthfully."

Verdun jumped 15,000 feet out of a plane and was joined by 10 family members, which included an additional three generations of the Hayes family. His 16 and 21-year-old great-grandchildren, 50-year-old grandson, and 74-year-old son were among them. They all participated in an effort to raise money for the Royal British Legion, a U.K. charity that provides lifelong support for British armed forces and their families. 


"We are very proud of Verdun's achievements and his family's support for the Royal British Legion and the money raised recognizes the service and sacrifice made across all generations of the British armed forces," a spokesman for the Royal British Legion told The Guardian. "The money raised will help support individuals and families from across the generations of our armed forces community." 

This actually wasn't Verdun's first time breaking a record. Last year, at the age of 100, he broke the record for the oldest British skydiver. "Last year's skydive was an amazing experience," he said in a statement. "I must have got a bit of a taste for it, because it just made me want to do it again."

We hope Verdun continues to do exciting things that clearly bring him so much joy. 

(H/T: The Guardian


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