Couple's '101 Dalmatians' Engagement Photo Shoot Is The Most Delightful Thing You'll See Today

This is awesome.

Engagement photos typically revolve around similar narratives: the bride in a resplendent gown and the groom in a sharp suit against a picturesque backdrop, with the two gazing longingly at each other.

But one couple decided to change it up. Bride-to-be Corinne Jones is a huge 101 Dalmatians fan, and she and fiancée Tony Collier decided to celebrate their life ahead by reenacting that serendipitously romantic meeting from the beloved 1961 movie.


Remember this scene that made everyone choke up?

Here is the original scene...

With help from Jones' cousin, photographer Melissa Biggerstaff, the couple decided to recreate the scene for their engagement photo shoot. 

Jones and Collier played the movie's human characters Anita and Roger, and switched out the dalmatians for their own dogs Mookie and Izabelle, "because they are too adorable," Collier wrote in his Imgur post.

The result is a super-adorable engagement photo shoot that would woo even the most Disney-averse of hearts.

"I have always loved that Roger and Anita were not the typical fairy tale," Jones told A Plus in an email. "They were believable characters who didn't just come together merely by wishing on a star and casting a magic spell."

Jones added the couple wanted their pets, Izabelle and Mookie — though slightly older, pudgier and spotless — to be an indelible part of their memories. "With the coaxing of some treats with Mookie," she wrote, "they did so great!"

The enthusiastic response caught the couple off guard. "We have received a lot of positive feedback and we love seeing fellow Disney fans enjoying the photos," Jones said. "It has been a complete surprise just how many people are seeing and sharing the photos. ... It has been a whirlwind!"

A whirlwind indeed — the couple's dedication to the scene meant that things had to get a little messy ...

Best Disney-themed engagement photo shoot ever? We think so!

Cover image via Rusty Lion Art


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