Try Not To Get Eaten Alive And Check Out The Best Zombie Looks Of The Past Century (Warning: Gory Pics!)

Who's hungry?

Zombies have been terrifying us for quite some time.


Not only are they gruesome, they can symbolize our fears and help us as a form of "collective therapy — for facing bad things to come," as The Atlantic points out.

As the article continues, zombies show "how we will find a way to keep hoping and to celebrate just being alive. As worst-case strategic analysis, it reveals the human future that is coming, but we still cannot yet bear to face."

While they serve as a spine-tingling literary device, sometimes they are also just quite fun to watch as we imagine ourselves surviving in an apocalyptic society. Whether they are creepily stalking our favorite character or getting in a quick afternoon snack, there is something about zombie culture that always brings us back. 

Luckily for us, the folks at Top Trending made an entire video dedicated to zombie evolution from the past 100 years.

The Martini Zombie

So, that's definitely not a martini we want, but this zombie turned into our worst nightmare after drinking a potent cocktail.

Our next zombie is a reanimated corpse and can only be killed by decapitation.

Yea, kinda like that.

You might have seen a friendly fella like this in a video game or stalking a mall parking lot.

Things get even more outrageous as we reach more current times.

But hey, who are we to judge a poor zombie's looks? It's not like they have mirrors.

Watch the full evolution of zombies below and be sure to shut your blinds tonight.


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