Here's How Women's Fashion In Film Has Evolved In The Past 100 Years

We still want to wear most of these looks today.

YouTube channel Mode is back with another installment of their "100 Years of Fashion" series. In the past, they've given us a glimpse of how fashion has changed throughout the history of Halloween costumes, wedding dresses, and workout clothes and equipment

In their latest video, they show us how fashion in cinema has evolved for female characters over the last century. In less than four minutes, we watch one woman transform from Theda Bara in the 1917 film Cleopatra, to Audrey Hepburn in her classic 60s film Breakfast at Tiffany's, to Natalie Portman in Black Swan. 

"The leading ladies, heroines, and bombshells of the movies have captivated us ever since film's first flicker," the MODE team write in their video's description. "We review a century's worth of iconic screen sirens with help from the talented and beautiful Olivia Culpo."


Here are some of our favorite looks from the video:

1920's "Ben-Hur" modeled after actress May McAvoy.

1950's "The Seven Year Itch" modeled after actress Marilyn Monroe.

1970's "Grease" modeled after actress Olivia Newton-John.

Watch it below:


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