'100 Years Of Swimsuits' Shows Just How Much Our Thinking And Styles Have Evolved

We'd like to revisit the 1996 look ASAP.

"Bikini bodies," and what it means to have one, is a topic that has long distressed women everywhere. Mention the words "bikini" and "season" in succession to a group of women and watch as they wonder, "is my body ready?" Luckily, it's 2016 and we're finally on a road to accepting that bodies of all different shapes and sizes, can be beach body ready, just as they are. Fashion retailers like ModCloth have even created swimwear campaigns celebrating this very idea, showing that confidence looks great on everyone.

But our thoughts surrounding beachwear isn't the only thing that has evolved. Our styles have, too. In a new video in Mode's "100 Years of Fashion" series, we see how swimsuit styles have changed in the past century. From the full-body suits women sported in 1916, to the strappy high-waisted looks of 2016, we've seen a lot of change in the most popular swimsuits throughout the decades. 

The best part of this video is that instead of the model changing into bathing suit after bathing suit a team of people use body paint to create the looks. 

Here are some of our favorite styles:





Check out the rest in the video below:

Which one is your favorite?


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