'100 Years Of Purses' Showcases Some Of The Most Beautiful, Trendy Styles From Years Past

We're still wearing our bags from the '90s.

From bucket bags to satchels and backpacks, there are so many go-to styles of purses and handbags for us to choose from.

And in a recent video from Glamour magazine, the publication looks back on 100 years of purses, including the colors, styles, and brands that made them the hottest bags of the decades.

At the start of the video, Glamour showcases the Whiting and Davis mesh handbag, a colorful number "influenced by Art Deco and geometric designs."

In the '30s, Louis Vuitton introduced The Speedy, a graphic everyday bag that fashion icon Audrey Hepburn once carried. 

Later, in the '90s, a smaller Fendi Baguette bag became popular.

Perhaps most interesting about these bags is the fact that years and years later, their designs are still being reworked into our current wardrobes. After all, vintage pieces are the perfect way to recycle old styles and make them your own.

Check out the full video below for more:



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