'100 Years Of Handbags' Shows Us How Purses Evolved In The Past Century — And What Went Inside Them

1966 had some serious flair.

We just can't get enough of YouTube channel Mode's 100 Years of Fashion series. Seeing how clothes, accessories, and beauty has evolved in the past century is fascinating and serves as a reminder that our personal style is influenced by culture, technology, and society. 

In the past, they've shown us how women's workout clothes, engagement rings, and Halloween costumes have changed in the past 100 years. In their latest installment, we're taken through time via handbag styles.

The best part? We don't get to just see what the purses looked like, but also the kinds of objects that went inside them. 

"As makeup carriers, cigarette holders, and storage for our wallets, cameras, phones, and so many other things, women's handbags have always been an intricate part of our lives," Mode wrote in the video's description


Here are some of our favorites:




Check out the whole video below:

Which era is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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