Here's How Family Dinners Have Evolved Over The Past 100 Years

Time to set the table.

What's for dinner? 

For years, the dinner table has brought families together for a meal, a chat, and some good ol' family bonding. 
But though the tradition may have remained a constant, the food certainly has not. Sure, favorites such as potatoes, beef, and chicken are consistent go-tos for many families, but with the changing times comes different ways of preparation and presentation.
So, in a new, mouth-watering video from Mode, viewers get a look at 100 years of family dinners, from 1915's roast beef and Franconia potatoes, to '50s TV dinners, to today's health-conscious quinoa and kale salads. 
While watching, you may notice the various plate designs, which also provide a fascinating look into the overall dinner aesthetic of a given year.
Check out the full video below and then call your family for dinner — because there's no time like the present.



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