This Is How Traditional Engagement Rings Have Changed Over The Past 100 Years

Diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds.

Diamonds are forever. 

Or, at least, they're supposed to symbolize it. 

That much is obvious after watching YouTube channel MODE's latest installment of their 100 Years of Fashion series focused on engagement rings. From 1910 all the way to good old 2016, women have been asked to spend the rest of their lives with partners holding diamond rings. 

But some things have changed in all that time. "The round solitaire diamond ring has always maintained the number one position in terms of popularity over the past 100 years. What changes is how each era chooses to showcase the stone," the creators wrote in the video's description. 

From the 1920s to the '30s, art deco rings with round early modern brilliant-cut diamond were all the rage. By the '90s, men were popping the question with a radiant-cut diamond flanked by diamonds in triangular shapes and mounted in white gold. 

If all that sounds like gibberish to you watch "100 Years of Engagement Rings" in the video below and you'll see exactly what we mean: 


Which era is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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