How Movie Makeup Has Transformed In The Past 100 Years

"World War II Had women toning down their makeup — including Hollywood stars — yet a red lip was still essential."

Celebrities help to shape fashion and beauty trends based on what they wear on the silver and small screen. In "100 Years of Movie Makeup," a new video from Allure, we get to see just how much professional makeup on film has transformed. 

In the early 1920s, actress Clara Bow rose to stardom in silent films before transitioning into talkies in 1927. In films, she wore heavy pancake makeup complete with smoky shadows, thin brows, and bow-shaped lips. The look was intended to be overdramatic so it could be seen in black and white. 

By the 1950s, beloved stars Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe's makeup looks set the trend we still think of today as "Old Hollywood Glamour." Their perfectly sculpted cat eyeliner, reddish-pink lipsticks, and pastel eyeshadows created an iconic look many people still sport today. 

As we approached the new millennium, more movie makeup included lip gloss, black eyeliner, and shimmer in everything. But there wasn't a universally accepted trend on screen. "More actresses took beauty risks for roles, wearing no makeup, prosthetics, or extreme makeup like Natalie Portman in Black Swan," according to the video. 

To learn more about how makeup in film has changed over the past century, check out the video below.



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