Take A Look At How Men's Underwear Has Changed In The Past 100 Years

We're so glad the '70s underwear look is over.

Last year, MODE video gave us a glimpse at how women's lingerie has changed in the past century. Now, they've created a video that takes us through 100 years of men's underwear trends. 

In the video, we see a male model dress up and take off various styles of undergarments. The early 1900s were all about the flannel long johns. Boxers only started to make their way into the pants of men by the 1940s. As time goes on, the styles get tighter and more colorful. 

When we get to 2016, we're surprised with several different looks. Five different men try on various styles of underwear to show that in 2016, there's no one way to dress your junk. 


We love the idea that in 2016, there's many more options and much more individuality in the way we dress. We can draw upon previous decades or make up our own new styles and totally rock it. 

Check out the whole video here:

Which era is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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