This Is What 100 Years Of Iranian Beauty Looks Like

Beautiful through the ages, literally.

When people think of what iconic American beauty looks like, they think of ever-changing hairstyles (like the "beehive" — lookin' at you 1960s), eye makeup and lipstick. But women in the U.S. aren't the only ones to have gone through such stark transformations. Other countries have had beauty revolutions of their own, and though different, they're just as interesting to watch unfold.

Cut, the video company behind the popular 100 Years of Beauty videos, uncovered what beauty looked like for Iranian women over the last 100 years and created a two-minute time-lapse showing these changes. From face paint to lipstick to eyeshadow complimented by a hijab, each trend the model goes through is surreal.

Regardless of whether you like a particular style, American or Iranian, remember that we've all had our fair share of beauty evolutions. What's most important is that we feel good in the trend we choose as our latest look.

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