In Just 2 Minutes, This Video Shows '100 Years Of Beauty' In France, From 1910 To Now

What era is your favorite?

Even after 25 episodes, Cut Video's popular time lapse-video series 100 Years of Beauty has got us mesmerized. They've taken us through time to explore popular beauty trends in places such as Syria, Argentina, and Japan, illustrating how history has affected each culture's style choices.  

This time around, the masterminds behind the series decided to focus on France and show off the different hair and makeup trends women tried out in the past 100 years. Cut Video's Pinterest page lays out the inspiration for each look, showing just how well researched and thought out each look is. 

The video starts with the model, Corina, dressed up in a large red feathery hat and very little makeup. "Before WWI, France had grown its colonial empire rapidly. French fashion and art were influential, and often dictated Western trends. For example, Art Deco became popular in 1910s, almost a decade before the trend spread to the UK and the U.S.," the creators of the video wrote on Pinterest. "However, with WWI, many designers (mostly men) fought in the war, and resources were limited. This impacted French fashion and beauty, as fashion became more casual and practical even for the upper classes." 


Later, we see the 50s look, inspired by French cinema star Simone Signoret, who is often regarded as one of France's greatest actresses. Corina is elegantly styled with short curly hair, a berry lip, and a bit of blush. 

"Post-WWII, French colonies begin to fight colonization as many fought in the WW. As France loses most of its colonies, clings to Algeria, and begins an extremely costly and ultimately ineffective war," the creators wrote on Pinterest. "France exits Vietnam. Women, now able to vote, begin to challenge traditional roles. Simone de Beauvoir publishes the Second Sex in 1949. French cinema, fashion, cuisine, emerges as cultural power." 

When we get to the 2010s, we see that Corina's look was inspired by French model Constance Jablonski's look on the cover of ELLE Spain. She flips her long, wavy hair. On her face, she wears dark eyeliner and a deep red lipstick. 

In this decade, "France moves back to the left, votes a socialist president back into office in 2012, Francois Hollande. Hollande endorses same-sex marriage and LGBT rights and increases in taxes for wealthy and corporations," the creators wrote on their Pinterest

Watch the entire video below:


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