Guy Recreates 100 Years Of Men's Fashion By Decade

1985 was a heck of a year for hair

Fashion is more than just clothes. It reflects the attitudes of the current culture, and become symbolic of certain places and times.

The folks at MODE made a video showing one model trying on a century's worth of clothes. It's easy to identify which decade each outfit belongs to, proving how much fashion actually does matter in society.

Here's a sneak peek at the biggest styles in men's fashion over the last 100 years:



What did the rest of the century have in store for men's fashion? Keep reading! 


The pinstripe jacket, polka dot bowtie, and straw hat are totally adorable and give him a clean, friendly look.


The suit, the snapping, and the wingtip shoes totally make you think he's about to call his enemy a "wise guy" at any moment while talking out of the side of his mouth. This is the original tough guy look.


Can we PLEASE all start wearing hats again?


This is the quintessential look of the 1950s. Can we go back to a time when a plain clean white t-shirt was a fashion staple?


We're loving the mustard-colored outfit and thick rimmed glasses. The sweet dance moves also remind us why it was called the swingin' 60s!


This leisure suit and paisley print shirt are completely on point for a night at the disco.


While mullets are easily the biggest hair faux pas that has ever existed in the history of fashion, it seems like a necessity with this white suit and pastel shirt.


If the tucked in striped button down shirt doesn't just scream 1990s, the sunglasses with the colored lenses sure do.


This untucked, casual look is what the turn of the millennium was all about.


The beard, pants, and messenger bag are trademarks of the hipster style that's currently in fashion. All he needs to do is borrow the glasses from the 1965 outfit and he'll be all set.

Check out all of the fashions in the video below:

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[All images via: MODE]


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