100-Year-Olds Try Tinder And Offer Sage Advice On Finding Love

"I think that people have to be very understanding of each other."

It might seem a bit strange for elderly people to use Tinder to find a match, but recently, Allure magazine sat down with a group of centennials to show them the online dating scene, and find out their tips for finding love. 


 One woman, just a few months short of her 101st birthday, told Allure that she met her second husband through a friend.

"A young friend had referred him to call me, and he said, 'Do you like to dance?'" 

She said "yes."

"He said, 'Well, maybe they'll be chemistry,' " she recalled. 

Another woman said her husband couldn't spend a lot of money on their dating life, so they'd just go to the park and "smooch a little." 

Later, a 107-year-old said that when it comes to finding love, each person should do what they feel comfortable doing. 

"Some people have to have a man. I don't need a man to be with me. You should not marry if you just think you have to," she said. 

And finally, another woman said to "be very much in love" before marrying someone. "I think that people have to be very understanding of each other."

Be sure to pocket their sage advice on love, and watch the video above. 


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