These Women Had Over 100 Years To Figure Out The Secret To Happiness. Now, They Want To Share It With You.

"So many people think happiness has to be a lot of money."

How do you find happiness in your everyday life? These women have had over 100 years to figure out the answer to that question and we're here to share their findings with you.

Two centenarians Betty, who is 101, and Helen, who is 104, sat down with Allure to share some life advice. In a new video, they reveal what they think to be secret to happiness. 

"So many people think happiness has to be a lot of money. Don't get me wrong, you need money. But don't make money the main thing," Betty says."Be yourself and smile. It's so easy to be nice. When people are nice, you're nice. If they're not nice, walk away from them." 

She also encourages people to make beautiful memories, so you can look back happily on them when you're 101 too. 

"Just be a good person. Physically and mentally," Helen says. 

Watch the video below: 



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